Going the Extra Mile

Roofing is a complex, serious trade and is not to be taken lightly by homeowners or contractors. There are plenty of moving parts and variables that can cause destruction to the property if planning is not taken into consideration. When Elite Roofing Solutions is your contractor of choice, we will always ensure you are as prepared as possible for your dream roof to become a reality.

Planning is something that a lot of contractors neglect in their daily routine. It is easy to forget steps or leave them out entirely if the contractor is not dedicated to planning for your job correctly. At Elite Roofing Solutions we live and die by the three following things: our “Pre-Production Checklist,” a knowledgeable group of contractors on site for the build, and a “Post-Production Checklist.”

Our contractors at Elite Roofing Solutions are always prepared to take on your roof with help from our “Pre-Production Checklist.” Many homeowners are unaware of the roofing process and how it may affect other aspects of the home. Gutters, siding, fascia, soffit, gutter screens, chimneys, etc. are all affected during the roofing process and will all be protected if the contractor is properly prepared. We do our absolute best to prepare our homeowners for the transformation their home is about to endure. Our contractors will inspect how many layers of shingle your home has to determine the amount of debris that will be falling from the roof. They will determine what low-slopes need proper materials and how many penetrations the roof has. Every little detail that is notated is important for our material order and crew preparedness. On top of an exterior inspection, our contractors also inspect the attic before the build to ensure your AC lines are secured away from the decking to avoid accidents by hitting the AC lines with nails. Our representatives will also inform homeowners of preexisting damages before the project begins.   

Our contractors being on site is our absolute greatest value to you as the homeowner. Many contractors in the Memphis area leave their crews unattended throughout the duration of the build. Crews are generally focused more on completing the task at hand rather than protecting the homeowner’s property. With your Elite representative on site, customers can ensure that the ground-level is safe from the debris falling above and your home is being properly cared for.  

After the roof has been completed and the debris has been cleaned, our representatives will go through our Post-Production checklist. We will go back into your attic to ensure all HVAC vents are still connected and working properly. Your representative will inspect the roof and property with the homeowner to ensure everything is up to Elite’s and the customers’ standards.

We strive on a daily basis to make sure our customers are satisfied with our work. We enjoy making our homeowners happy every opportunity we get and preparation is a large part in that. We believe with the system we have in place for our contractors set our company and homeowners up for success. We will go the extra mile to make sure you trust us with your home because we sure love to help you transform it.

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